Coolant System Repair Service in St. Paul, AB

Your coolant system is an extremely important part of your heavy-duty vehicle. The average heavy-duty coolant system has three sections. The first and most important is your engine coolant and radiator. Your engine coolant is pushed through your engine block using a water pump and is then pumped through your radiator. This allows for heat to be absorbed and then dispersed quickly. The second section of a coolant system is an oil-based cooler. Rather than absorbing heat using coolant, an oil cooler absorbs heat using the oil itself. It’s a two-fold system to keep your engine at an adequate operating temperature. The final section of your coolant system is your transmission cooler. This disperses heat from your transmission in the same way that your radiator cools your engine. 

Tell-Tale Symptoms of a Bad Coolant System

Overheating Engine

An overheating engine is the primary symptom of a bad coolant system. If your engine is too hot, there are a wide variety of issues that may be at fault. The most common culprits are generally coolant leaks and busted radiator fans. Over time these components experience wear and tear and are more susceptible to damage. More complex culprits include a damaged water pump or even a damaged radiator. Sometimes an overheating engine is also due to poor preventative maintenance, for coolant loses its ability to absorb heat over time. 

Low Coolant

Low coolant is a big issue for if you don’t have enough coolant your engine will overheat. Low coolant can be caused by a variety of issues, however, the most common is definitely poor preventative maintenance. Over time coolant loses its ability to not only absorb heat but not boil under such intense heat. If not changed regularly, your coolant will start to evaporate and lessen. Fortunately, preventative maintenance is very easy to perform, meaning this issue is easily avoided. 

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