Diesel Engine Diagnostics & Electrical Service in St. Paul, AB

Modern diesel engines rely on countless electrical systems and services. Although this new technology has vastly improved the efficiency and performance of these engines, it allows for an increase in components that can fail. Unfortunately, these electrical system problems can be very difficult to diagnose, for wiring can take a long time to trace. Fortunately for anyone having electrical problems, our technicians here at Whitecloud Mechanical are experts at wire tracing and troubleshooting. We’ll have your electrical problems sorted out in no time at all. 

Tell-Tale Symptoms of a Bad Electrical System

Component Failure

If you notice that some of your components aren’t working, you may have electrical system issues. Generally, blown fuses are to blame for component failure, but that’s not necessarily the end of the story. Fuses are sacrificial parts, meaning they fail in order to protect other components. Replacing the fuse may fix the problem, but it’s likely a temporary fix. The issue that caused the fuse to blow may arise once again, and as such, needs to be the focus of the diagnostics process. Although this may sound scary, our technicians will root out the issue before it becomes a huge concern. You can rest assured knowing that Whitecloud Mechanical has your back. 

Ignition Problems

If your heavy-duty truck doesn’t start properly, chances are one of the components in your ignition system has failed. The most common problem is your vehicle’s battery. Your battery is what powers your various electrical systems and is vital to the ignition process. When your battery dies your vehicle’s starter won’t run, which means the vehicle won’t start. Common causes of a dead battery include a damaged alternator and a faulty battery. Here at Whitecloud Mechanical, we’ll repair any and all ignition components. 

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