Diesel Engine Repair & Overhaul Service in St. Paul, AB

Diesel engines are incredibly powerful machines. They can haul a hundred thousand pounds up even the steepest of roads, in any type of weather. Many see these engines as indestructible, but that’s not always the case. When preventative maintenance isn’t undergone, significant engine repairs may be necessary. In certain unfortunate circumstances, repairs may be necessary even if preventative maintenance has been performed. Fortunately for anyone having engine issues, our technicians here at Whitecloud Mechanical love to work on diesel engines. 

Common Engine Repairs

Blown Head Gasket

Blown head gaskets are one of the most common engine repairs on heavy-duty trucks. They typically happen when your engine overheats for a prolonged period of time. Although these are major repairs, they’re not the end of the world if caught right away. If you leave a blown head gasket unchecked, chances are it will create larger issues in the future. Common symptoms of a blown head gasket include white smoke coming from your exhaust, extremely poor fuel efficiency, poor performance, and fluctuating coolant levels. Your engine will also more than likely overheat a lot. Here at Whitecloud Mechanical, we deal with blown head gaskets all the time. Bring your truck in for service and we’ll have your engine sorted out in no time. 

Fuel Injection System

Your fuel injection system is incredibly complex and can fail for a large variety of reasons. The most common is definitely poor preventative maintenance, but it can also happen due to factors out of a driver’s control. Simply driving your truck until your fuel tank is low may cause the issue, for the bottom of your fuel tank may have debris in it. If you’re experiencing fuel injection system issues, bring it to Whitecloud Mechanical for service. We’ll go over everything from your fuel injectors to your DPF. 

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