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All of the large components in your heavy-duty vehicle that move need to be adequately lubricated at all times. Your engine uses oil to lubricate its pistons and its camshafts, whereas your transmission and differential use their own respective fluids to lubricate gears. All of the fluids in your vehicle need to be changed on a routine basis. This is generally due to the fact that fluids break down over time and are unable to do their jobs on an indefinite basis. If oils and fluids are not changed regularly you are putting your engine and transmission, along with other vital components, at risk of major damage. Here at Whitecloud mechanical, we offer express lube services as well as maintenance for every component that requires continuous lubrication.

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Engine Oil

Your engine is arguably the most important component in your heavy-duty vehicle. Diesel engines are responsible for hauling a lot of weight which means they generate a lot of heat. If your engine oil is not adequately changed on a routine basis you are putting your engine at risk for that extreme heat will cause your pistons, camshafts, and combustion chambers to slide against one another, therefore creating a devastating amount of friction. Don’t let poor preventative maintenance cost you a ton of money in the future. Trust us, the cost of a decent oil change is significantly less than the cost of a full engine rebuild.

Oil and Fuel Filters

Fluids are not the only thing that needs to be changed in your heavy-duty vehicle on a routine basis. Within your engine, there are a variety of filters. These filters need to be changed on a regular basis in order to not become clogged, and in succession, not clog up various vital components. The most common filters include your engine oil filter, which filters impurities out of your oil, and your fuel filters, which ensure only clean fuel reaches your fuel injectors.

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