Truck Performance Service in St. Paul, AB

Most manufacturers build their trucks to be generic, jack-of-all-trades type vehicles. Although this makes semi-trucks capable for most heavy-duty jobs, it does not allow for significant advantages in particular areas. Fortunately for anyone looking to boost their various abilities, here at Whitecloud mechanical, we offer a full set of performance and tuning services. One of our most common services is the addition of oil coolers and transmission coolers. We also have been known to install air suspension systems when drivers decide that leaf spring setups are not good enough for them. Call us today to find out more about our performance modifications and services here at Whitecloud mechanical.

Popular Performance Mods

Oil and Transmission Coolers

If your heavy-duty truck is overheating while performing regular tasks, you may need to upgrade your coolant system. Although a radiator-based system is generally good enough for most trucks, sometimes they are not powerful enough to cool large trucks when operating at full capacity. Oil coolers and transmission coolers are the greatest way to bolster your coolant capabilities. Instead of just dispersing heat using engine coolant, these systems remove heat from your engine and transmission using other fluid types. An oil cooler will use your engine oil, whereas your transmission cooler will use the transmission's pre-existing fluid.

Air Suspension

Air suspension is designed to give you the strength of a leaf spring-based setup with the advantages of a lighter setup when not hauling heavyweight. This works by allowing you to adjust your suspension strength using a series of airlines, valves, and air compressors. Air suspension is a massive performance upgrade over leaf springs because not only do they provide incredible strength, but they also provide the driver with unprecedented comfort.

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