Truck Suspension Repair in St. Paul, AB

Heavy-duty suspensions are designed to carry extreme amounts of weight, and as such, need to be maintained on a routine basis. Not only does a bad suspension setup put your cargo at risk, but it puts everyone else around you on the road at risk. Think about it, if your air suspension fails on one side, your cargo will come sliding off into traffic. It may even cause you to roll. That’s not something you want to go through. Here at Whitecloud Mechanical, we offer a ton of suspension repair and maintenance services. Why wait for something to break when you can be proactive about your vehicle’s health> 

Tell-Tale Symptoms of a Bad Suspension

Rough Ride

A rough ride is generally a sign that you need new bushings and shock absorbers. These components are responsible for absorbing road vibrations and other impacts so that you and your cargo don’t have to. If your vehicle is riding really rough, chances are these components need maintenance or replacement. Over time bushings will fall apart and shocks will start to leak. Fortunately, this isn’t a major repair, just a simple replacement. Don’t let this minor issue turn into a big issue. If road impacts aren’t being absorbed, other more expensive components may end up damaged. 

Squatting or Sagging

Squatting or sagging while towing or hauling is a sign that your suspension needs repair. Leaf springs and airbags are designed to hold up your cargo, but if they’re sagging under heavy weight, they may be malfunctioning. Over time leaf springs will rust away and lose their strength, whereas airbags will leak and experience dry rot. When this happens, you need to bring your truck in for service right away. Here at Whitecloud Mechanical, we’re suspension experts. We’ll have your issues sorted out in no time at all. 

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