Counter Bore Cutting in St. Paul, AB

Here at Whitecloud Mechanical, we offer counterbore cutting on all Cummins ISX and Cat C15 engines. Our shop has the infrastructure, machinery, and manpower to get the job done in an efficient and effective manner. Not familiar with what counterbore cutting is? Well, it’s basically a method of enlarging the opening of a pre-existing hole. Generally, the purpose of this task is to ensure a screw or bolthead will sit firmly on a flat surface. This allows for more complex installations to occur, for many installations and modifications are impossible without specialized counterbore cutting. Fortunately for anyone looking for this service, Whitecloud Mechanical is more than capable of counterbore cutting on Cummins ISX and Cat C15 engines. 

Exclusively at Whitecloud Mechanical

Did you know we’re one of the only shops in Alberta to offer counterbore cutting services? Most other shops don’t have the machinery or expertise to perform such a task. Here at Whitecloud Mechanical, we have all of the necessary machinery and equipment. Not to mention our technicians are all more than capable of performing any and all counterbore cutting tasks. Our process is efficient, and effective, and will always produce high-quality results. You won’t have to worry about jagged metal or low-quality cuts, for we always prioritize quality over speed. 

Looking for Custom Work? 

Looking for custom work? Call us today and you can go over our various service options with one of our technicians or representatives. Here at Whitecloud Mechanical, we pride ourselves on our transparent and adaptable process. Customer feedback and direction are always something we’ll work with. After all, customer satisfaction is one of our top priorities. The old cliche that the customer is always right is often true because you know what you want better than anyone else ever will. 

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