General Diesel Repair in St. Paul, AB

Diesel engines are constantly under a lot of strain. They work incredibly hard to haul large heavy loads across vast distances. Although some may perceive these engines as being indestructible, that’s not always the case. Diesel engines can break down and need repair. Unlike the gas engines in passenger vehicles, diesel engines are constantly being pushed to their limit. Whether it be by hauling 80 thousand pounds across the continent, or by hauling it up steep hills and rough terrain, your engine may break down. Fortunately for anyone who needs engine repair, our technicians here at Whitecloud Mechanical love to work on diesel engines. They’re our specialty 

Common Diesel Engine Repairs

Blown Head Gaskets

One of the most common repair types on a diesel engine is a blown head gasket. Head gaskets typically blow when your engine overheats for a significant amount of time. Sometimes this overheating is caused by poor preventative maintenance, whereas other times it’s due to factors completely out of your control. Here at Whitecloud Mechanical, we’re fully equipped to deal with head gasket issues of all kinds. With a full roster of highly trained technicians, you can rest assured knowing your truck is in good hands. 

EGR Valve Leaks

EGR valve leaks are very common on Cummins diesel engines, especially the ISX15. Your EGR system is an emissions system that recirculates your exhaust in such a way that some of it is brought back into your combustion chamber. This system has a valve that’s supposed to stay closed at all times. Sometimes it breaks open, therefore introducing a breach into the system. Think you might have an EGR problem? Common symptoms include poor fuel efficiency, fluctuating coolant levels, an overheating engine, and poor performance.

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