RV Service in St. Paul, AB

For many people, RVs are seen as homes. A home where they can travel the world in a safe and comfortable manner. Here at Whitecloud Mechanical, we offer a full suite of RV-related services. We do everything from preventative maintenance to large-scale engine repairs. A lot of RV owners will wait for something to break before bringing their RV in for service. We’re here to tell you that proactively maintaining these systems is not only the cheapest way to keep your RV moving, but it’s also the easiest. We offer mobile preventative maintenance services, meaning we’ll come right to your location and do engine oil changes, tire rotations, and more. 

Common RV Services


Many RVs have backup or secondary generators that power some of their larger equipment. Unfortunately, these generators can break down over time and leave you without enough power. Here at Whitecloud Mechanical, we’ll fix your generators or replace them whenever necessary. Don’t let a bad generator slow you down, call Whitecloud Mechanical today to schedule an appointment. We’re diesel generator experts! We also do a lot of work on components that go hand in hand with these generators. Call us today to find out more. 

Engine Maintenance

RVs are only as good as their engines! If your RV doesn’t have a well-maintained engine, you’re likely to experience unexpected breakdowns, therefore leaving you stranded. Why let breakdowns happen when you could just proactively maintain your engine? Here at Whitecloud Mechanical, we offer a full set of preventative maintenance options for RVs. We do everything from engine oil changes, tire rotations, transmission and differential fluid flushes, and more! 

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